Xzilon XMicrobe

Render Viruses Like COVID-19 Inactive

That's right. Render viruses like COVID-19 inactive upon contact with 99.9% effectiveness with this EPA registered treatment.

Xzilon XMicrobe

Stop the cycle of germs and microbes in your vehicle. Xzilon's XMicrobe is a bio-static layer of anti-microbial protection, professionally applied to the main cabin, trunk and ventilation system of your vehicle.

FAQs from the manufacturer

Does this product kill the corona virus?

Yes. Our EPA registered and third party tested technology is designed to eliminate mold, mildew, and microbes including bacteria and viruses. This technology renders viruses inactive upon contact with 99.9% effectiveness. Microbe provides a microscopic sanitizing surface that protects 24/7 for years to come.

Are there other products in the market that will kill this germ like bleaches or cleaners?

Yes. These are effective but last for merely minutes. The second a person walks into that room after a treatment the room is now recontaminated and those cleaning efforts are useless. XMicrobe because of how it bonds to the environment it is sprayed into using the same technology as super glue does not come off for years to come. Protecting the surface constantly from any re-introduced germs, microbes or viruses into that room. This is about not only wiping out the current environment from these issues but long term protection afterwards vs constant cleaning that only protects for minutes.

What other outbreaks has this been used in?

This same chemistry was used to successfully treat the Ebola break out here in the U.S. and also used by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to wipe out the MRSA outbreak at their stadium to name a few. This chemistry also inhibits the growth and spread against Pneumonia, HIV, Strep, VISA, Salmonella, E.Coli, and the common flu viruses to name a few.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes. Not only are we registered with the EPA but also the FDA because this is a food grade chemistry. Also, surfaces treated with this technology no longer need to be treated with poisons for routine cleaning on a go forward basis.

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