COVID-19 Updates


COVID-19 Message from Us to You

Everyone at Kearns is committed to our customers, employees and their families. We want to make sure that we are taking the proper measures to ensure that everyone is safe in times like this. Kearns has built a great customer base from customers in Wisconsin and all across the nation. Our goal is to fulfill our customers’ needs in a safe and proper manner.

We are monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 to ensure that we make Kearns a safe environment for everyone. To this date, we have no reports of any cases, or cases involving family members of our employees. Our outlook to employees has been; if there is any symptom of Coronavirus, Flu, or cold, to stay away. We take this very seriously.

For the time being, we are staying open, with a very small crew to fulfill any vehicle needs that our customers may have. We have great online tools that allow our customers to communicate with our staff (whether sales or service) to avoid the spread of any virus. In a time like this, we would appreciate setting up appointments and discussing any type of transaction via the phone, email, and Facebook. Our goal is to staff the proper employees to fit your vehicle needs at a time that works for all parties.

Kearns is committed to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. We want to make sure our customers and employees are handled in the best and safest way possible during times like this.

We wish everyone in our great country good health and to stay safe and strong!


Steve Kearns