Kearns Plus.

For you + your vehicle. Coming Soon.

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Use Plus. Get Cash.

It's simple. Get service work done, get Kearns Cash back on your account for use on a later appointment.

in one place.

Your Kearns Cash, vehicles and Kearns warranties & plans all in one place. We make it easy.

Reward yourself.

Get exclusive service coupons and more!

Do it all online.

Access your account from either desktop or phone. Make transactions on site with your phone or physical card. Either way it's awesome!

Feature Plus Personal Plus Business
Cost to Join FREE! FREE!
Earn Kearns Cash on work done at Kearns Express
Get exclusives for being a member
Manage Single or Multiple Business Locations
Manage Employee Access to Kearns Plus
Manage Fleet Vehicles with Kearns Contracts & Warranties

Join Plus

Kearns Plus will be offered to our customers and for businesses. Available soon.

* we won't share your data with third parties