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Ford F-150

Business Fleet Acquisition and Maintenance Solutions from Kearns.

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Fleet Acquisition Solutions

From our lot to the hundreds of auctions Kearns has access to, our Fleet Acquisition service has many methods of acquiring vehicles to meet your business needs.
Vehicle Locating

Depending on your vehicle needs and quantity, we can locate common vehicles for your business.


Our Finance & Insurance office can assist with payment solutions for your vehicles.

360° of Safety

Each vehicle we purchase on your behalf goes through our rigorous 360° Safety Inspection. No vehicle may be purchased without a vehicle passing this test.

Fleet of Trucks

We'll Take Care of It.
Our teams works on your requirements and deals with the various tasks of procuring vehicles so you can focus on what's important to you, business. Finding a fleet for you, we'll take care of it.

Maintenance Solutions

When you purchase from Kearns, it's not a "just buy the vehicle and thank you", anybody can do that. We also have a fully functional service center that can help keep your vehicles on the road.
Kearns Engine Warranty

Depending on the condition of the vehicle required. It may qualify for our Kearns Limited Engine Warranty. Best of all, this warranty is Free! Click here to learn more.

Maintenance & Repair

Our Kearns Service Center works with most popular work vehicle brands like Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC.


In the event something happens with your vehicle, we will work with you for the solution to the problem you may have.

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